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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Welcome to Westminster...

Great thinkers and change leaders start here.

Welcome! We’re delighted you’re considering Westminster for your child. Here, bright, motivated children learn and grow in an environment designed just for them.

Westminster students thrive on challenge, and they inspire our faculty to rise to their best every day. In turn, Westminster supports them to pursue their passions and reach their highest potential.

Our 12,000 alumni are proof—Wildcats go on to lead the kind of change our world needs.

Meeting Westminster

Discover westminster for yourself: It's a place where artists, academics, and athletes thrive. where students learn as much from each other as they do from their teachers. where the community grows together through challenge. we're ready to welcome you.

"Westminster teachers prepare children for
the future by giving them independence and encouraging them to be self-starters."